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Phoenix, New York Central School District - the 1966 Phoenician - Part 1 of 3

Submitted by Charles Beams 1/13/2105 

The 1966 Phoenician is a whole lot of Yearbook - spanning 175 pages. Because of the size, I have posted it in three sections (see the Table of Contents for this blog).

A few highlights...

The Yearbook covers not only the Phoenix High School (later to become JC Birdelbough High School), but the newly opened Junior High School (later to become the EJ Dillon Middle School). You will find the Middle School material beginning about the middle of section 2 of these posts.

Note that there are a few pages in part 3 on the opening (Dedication, Open House) of the new school. JCB, though retired, made an appearance.
The yearbook was dedicated to Carl Saloga, an eighth grade science teacher.

I don't take note of a lot of the kids that I know in the senior classes, but you can't miss the fact that Danny Dunn is in this class - he is an icon in the village of Phoenix, NY.

I note that Doc Jones makes his first appearance as Director of Phys Ed.

I note the first appearance of Mark Montoney in the guidance department of the middle school. He later serves as Vice-Principal and then Principal of the Middle School for a good many years.

Some other faces that I later became very familiar with (excuse my personal notes here) show up for the first time in the Junior High, including Iva Colbert, Stan Kon, and Bev Castiglione (wife of the HS principal). I also found it interesting that the two Jr Hi Choral groups were denoted as "Mrs. Billington's Chorus" and "Mrs. Castiglione's Chorus."

Lastly, I would point out that I am copying the Phoenix Public Library copies of The Phoenician's and these were donated to the Library. From time to time there are signatures where students have written to one another. I have tried to minimize my copying of any signatures that are not important in the presentation of the book.

And now, the cover and the opening pages.

Senior Class


To move on toe part 2 - CLICK HERE

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