Sunday, December 14, 2014

Phoenix, New York Central School District - the 1956 Phoenician

Submitted by Charles Beams 12/14/2014 (For personal notes on this yearbook, see my comments at the end.)
 From Phoenix, NY and the Phoenix Central School District, here are selected photocopies of the 1956 High School Yearbook: The Phoenician 

Dedication - Mr. Robert Hutchinson

Good citizens

Board of Education



The senior class - approximately 60 students - the district grows

Senior class superlatives

Senior class documents

Underclass students

Underclass superlatives

Junior high classes


Music program

Candid photos

School clubs and activities


Candid photos

And a few selected ad pages to finish up this post


  1. As class size grows, so does the size of the yearbook. There was no way to get the pages to lay flat, so I had to photograph all of the pages rather than scan them. You will see a lot of shadows and curvatures in the pages as well. I do not have a photocopying stand and so the process is even more complicated. Still, this is probably better than nothing.

    Chuck Beams

  2. Just a couple of anecdotal observations...

    It is interesting to not, among the faculty pictures, that a Mr. Barret was teaching Agriculture.

    Although I do see some family names that seem familiar, the only member of the senior class that I know well is Ron Johst. Ron and I served on the school board together for a number of years.