Monday, December 1, 2014

Phoenix, New York Central School District - the 1935 Phoenician

Submitted by Charles Beams

In 1935 the Junior Class of Phoenix School set about reviving the "Phoenician" which had apparently been dormant since 1931. Once again the book was a combination of student written literature and staff/student information.

However, the copy of this yearbook in the Phoenix Public Library was in pretty sad shape. It had been printed on a mimeograph machine with faint text and printed very close to the edges of the pages. The library copy had also been rebound and it was impossible to see all of the text near the page edges. My scanner would not work well (I was afraid of damaging the pages) and so I tried taking a few photos, but they came out poorly as well.

 J.C Birdlebough was principal of the school (no photo given and no names used for his initials). 

Here's the page listing the faculty. I've tried to increase contrast and decrease saturation to make it more visible, but good luck reading it.

A little poem about some notable people in the school...

The best copy of any page I was able to get - a little bit about progress in the school.

Some sporting news - and J.C. Birdlebough served as president of the Oswego-Oneida League.

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