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Phoenix, New York Central School District - the 1946 Phoenician

Submitted by Charles Beams (12/1/2014) (last edited 12/2/2014)

The third from the oldest of the Phoenicians in the Phoenix Public Library is from the 1945-46 school year. It is the first that begins to resemble a modern yearbook - hard cover, photos of some of the students, class superlatives, etc.

The edition in the library, however, was tightly bound and difficult to get my hand scanner on. I wasn't sure how the scans were working (I need to download them from the scanner to a computer to see them), and I see that the edges of the scanner prohibit me from getting close enough to the page edges to capture all of the important data.. I will continue to try to adjust my scanning techniques to see if I can grab some additional pages from the book and, if it works, at that time I will update this page.

Notes: The school yearbook to the school as a "high school," but photos are shown for 7th and 8th grades, and all other indications are that it is still a K-12 school. Also - no school board members were mentioned.

Here is the cover. It is actually a MUCH darker green - I lightened the scan so you could see it better. At this time, I have seen no indication that the school colors are orange and black - but who knows.

1945-1946, of course, was the year that World War II had ended and the dedication of the Phoenician was a suitable tribute. The names, if you can't read them, are: Raymond Beeks, Raymond Houghtaling, Philip Houghtailing, Neil F Washer, Walter Washer, Benjamin Burton? (smudged), Rosario Caltabiano, Ralph Fields, Jack Brown, Robert Stoutenger, Charles Candee, Lynn Farnham, Donald Rogers, Mae (Mac?) Mills, and Lawton Woodworth.

 The following page was badly washed out. The Principal is JC Birdlebough, but the advisor's name is not given. The faculty names are cut off by the binding, and most of the names of the front row weren't in the book at all.

The senior class. These pages, as are most in the book are badly washed out.


Apparently the Corson's donated money or the photos for the yearbook. How nice was that!

As so many classes do, here's the senior class history.

And the class prophesy - usually a funny read...

This scan is a little blurry, but it hosts the class superlatives. With such a small class a lot of the kids get mentioned more than once.

Class characteristics?

And the following two photos had been ripped from the yearbook and were inside the back cover. They were easier to scan and provide a sample of the roughly 15 group photos in the year book.

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