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Phoenix, New York Central School District - the 1965 Phoenician - Part 1 of 2

Submitted by Charles Beams (1/10/2105) 

There are 125 photos covering most (but not all) of the pages of the 1965 Phoenician. The first 62 page are in this post, the remaining 63 are in the second post. This post covers pages through the Junior Class.

A few preliminary notes on the 1965 Phoenician

The Yearbook is dedicated to Jim Charles, a math teacher.

Harry Howe is not listed as Superintendent of  Schools. Phoenix has become one of only four independent superintendencies in Oswego County (the others are Oswego, Fulton and Central Square). The remaining districts in the county remain under the direct supervision of the BOCES (county) superintendent.

Miss Eckert (math), later Mrs. Saloga (married Carl Saloga, a science teacher) joins the Jr Hi staff. Also, Mrs. Crandall (English) and Mrs. Logan (math) show up in the Jr. Hi Staff photos.

Carolyn Corson, who has been appearing in almost all of the Yearbooks I've been photocopying, seems to have retired from the guidance office.

In the second post from this yearbook, there is a photo of the new Junior High School (now EJD Middle School) under construction. It is not open yet.

It's interesting to note that in Interim (photos from 1964 held over because of publication deadlines), the Student Council Valentine Dance features what appears to be a full orchestra!

There are photos, also, of Mrs. Corson, Mrs. Egbert and Mrs. Hopes being honored as they retired.

Lastly, in my notes, the football team was a co-champion of Oswego County.

And now the Yearbook. 

Administration, faculty and staff



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