Monday, December 15, 2014

Phoenix, New York Central School District - the 1961 Phoenician - Part 1 of 2

Submitted by Charles Beams (12/26/2014)

Notes: As the school district grows in size, so does the number of pages in the yearbook - well over 100 pages in this yearbook. I have stopped photocopying pages of text such as the class will and class philosophy due to size and time constraints. It gets more difficult to scroll through a lot of pages, so I am dividing the 91 pages I've photocopied into two posts. This post will carry all pages through the end of the Senior Class. 

These pages are uploaded in a format that is probably twice the actual size of the page. If you can download an image and view it full-size, they are easy to read and you can pick out a lot more detail. 

 The cover and initial pages...

Dedication: "Pops" Farrell

Yearbook staff

Board of Education, administration, faculty and staff

Senior class

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