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Phoenix, New York Central School District - the 1964 Phoenician - Part 1 of 2

Submitted by Charles Beams (1/7/2015)

Personal observations: There are about 122 photographs for this yearbook - I have sub-divided it into 2 posts to make for faster loading and browsing.

The 1964 Phoenician is dedicated to Don Generous, a social studies teacher in the district for many years.

Near the front of the book there is a special memorial page to Mr. and Mrs. Clark Sponable. Although "In Memoriam" to me means that someone has passed, I'm not sure that's the case here. Mr. Sponable was supervisor of the transportation department for several years.

From the pages covering the administration it is clear that JC Birdlebough has retired. There is scant attention paid to this momentous fact except for a couple of pictures of him being honored around graduation - see pages 111 and 113 - probably from 1963 due to publication deadlines.

Harry Howe is now Chief School Administrator, Aura Cole is still District Superintendent. Jack Rowland has changed to Middle School Principal from Elementary Principal last year, even though the new Junior High School has not opened yet.

Hank Floch is listed as science supervisor for the first time. And I think Jeff Gorton and Helen Decker show up for the first time.

There is a second memorial near the last pages of the book, this one to Wilson Hillborn, longtime district treasurer. It only mentions his retirement.

And one last observation - this is the third or fourth book in which Bowl Inn has advertised.

Enough of my rambling - here are the cover and opening pages...



Faculty and staff

Senior class


Freshmen in next post...

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